7.6.23 Soudronic AG

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We provide a complete range of machines and components – including slitters, transfer systems, welding machines, seam protection systems, bodyformers, two-piece can production lines and endmaking systems – to meet the requirements of any manufacturing line for cans, pails, drums and irregularly shaped containers. Today, with more than 15000 machines and system components installed, our production systems can be found virtually all over the world and cover the entire manufacturing process from the lowest to the highest production speed and from the smallest to the largest size.

Deciding to work with Soudronic often marks the start of a lifelong relationship. Apart from stocking a complete range of spare parts for every piece of machinery we have ever produced, we regularly retrofit existing systems with the latest technology, boosting our customers’ productivity and ensuring they remain competitive for many years to come.



Industriestrasse 35, 8962 Bergdietikon